Saturday, 7 April 2012

My trip to essel world

The best world i have ever seen before. there was splash,roller coasters air swing and many other cool stuff like that what else does a 10 year old wants.It was a awsome experience as it was travelling by road in innova to essel world.I had that people usually have on their birthdays because i was waiting for it since i was 7 and now it came to happen in real the first ride was a ride named air pressure and it turns round and round and round and doesn't stop till you beg the operator the best one was the monsters in the mist it was horrible it was the ghost place of there i  almost died there and then came the best 360 degree roller coaster ride it was a headache i held the belt tightly and closed my eyes.there was one ride   awsome known as splash you go all through water in that slide it was terrific you must go there awsome place

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