Wednesday, 16 May 2012

HoLiDaYs rOcK

Sorry dear blog i couldn't write to u for a longtime.What can i do i was busy shopping!!!! yes my holidays have arrived.I am so damn excited.First my holidays are going to spend with the IPL season and my cousins are coming.Whenever they come we travel the whole city.The most awsome places over here.The best part is that we will travel to water kingdom. Right now i am busy shopping,going to library,talking on hours with friends.With talking about the talking with my friends i remember i got a new phone!!!!!!!!!!!!! its totally awsome its touch and type and has every damn single thing.I am so excited.So just enjoy your holidays like anything

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

old memories

old memories never die i know it very nicely as i am from army background.Where we have posting in every 2 or 3 years. I was looking at my old albums in which i was at a picnic with my old bff. My eyes became wet and started crying.i thought of giving her a call but came to knew that she was too busy with her new friends. I thought of how foolish i had been in shedding tear for a  girl who doesn't even remember me.friendship doesn't end in 2 years. If she called me her bff which means best friend forever then she should remember the forever. I didn't take her photo out of my album but stopped crying for her.I realized how people change with time.I think i am not going to choose a best friend like that any more