Thursday, 12 April 2012

The gift of a best friend

As you all know the importance of a best friend.i am here to write this post on my blog about best friends. We all have a friend or  a best friend . I too have one who is like a sister to me yes we have fights about small things. like she left me when i was hurt and stuff like that but we are one and the same. We had a fight today morning because i mistakenly hit the leg she was hurt on but you know the pain she wasn't talking to me.even in the last period she was upset our last period was PT and as i am a good kho-kho (a sport usually for girls)player sir chose me as a friend saniya runs very fast so i send her in the best 3 she was outstanding. our team won the match and was delighted then she said that she was sorry for the behavior. i too was sorry and we again became the BFF's 

Saturday, 7 April 2012

My trip to essel world

The best world i have ever seen before. there was splash,roller coasters air swing and many other cool stuff like that what else does a 10 year old wants.It was a awsome experience as it was travelling by road in innova to essel world.I had that people usually have on their birthdays because i was waiting for it since i was 7 and now it came to happen in real the first ride was a ride named air pressure and it turns round and round and round and doesn't stop till you beg the operator the best one was the monsters in the mist it was horrible it was the ghost place of there i  almost died there and then came the best 360 degree roller coaster ride it was a headache i held the belt tightly and closed my eyes.there was one ride   awsome known as splash you go all through water in that slide it was terrific you must go there awsome place

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Yay i came running at home yesterday was happy because my maths test was over but i didn't remember  the next weeks science test SH*t again the studying all day plan. Sometimes i feel like there should be no exams only play play and play :P
and there should be mobiles allowed at school atleast we will not get bored and this maths is very weird sometimes its too interesting and sometimes too boring . and science is pathetic it is just pathetic and the great Sanskrit oh my god!!! it so tough i think we should not have this much pressure on studies we have many things to do


1) get a lifetime remembering adventure which will thrill you whenever you remember your childhood

2) go on hunting or something else 

3) once i went to jungle with my bunch of friends and my sister

4) we even saw a rattle snake there we were horrified

5) once i stole honey from the beehive and got lots of bites

6) so enjoy cause life's what you make it so lets make it right


yippee i am finally in secondary school it awsome to 

be called "Didi"  from juniors  and i have Sanskrit 

now that's the worst part and plus when you are in 6 

you feel so damn cool actually you pretend to be when 

I was in 5 i thought 5is a big class but now it seems 

life was was 5 actually i am loving it but i am very 

scared of the fa1 fa2 and stuff like that i have got the

best teachers and are very sweet i love my science and 

maths teachers very much as i have put a very nice

impression on them ;p so the moral is i am proud to be 

in 6