Thursday, 12 April 2012

The gift of a best friend

As you all know the importance of a best friend.i am here to write this post on my blog about best friends. We all have a friend or  a best friend . I too have one who is like a sister to me yes we have fights about small things. like she left me when i was hurt and stuff like that but we are one and the same. We had a fight today morning because i mistakenly hit the leg she was hurt on but you know the pain she wasn't talking to me.even in the last period she was upset our last period was PT and as i am a good kho-kho (a sport usually for girls)player sir chose me as a friend saniya runs very fast so i send her in the best 3 she was outstanding. our team won the match and was delighted then she said that she was sorry for the behavior. i too was sorry and we again became the BFF's 

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